Have you found something?

You have found something and want to ensure that the owner gets it back quickly? He or she will thank you for it!

Produktaktualisierung_1Item with easyfind code

First, you should check if the item is marked in some way. Is there a key ring with an easyfind code on the back? If this is the case, you can easily notify the owner here.

Hand in found items

If there is no indication of who the owner of the item might be, you can always hand the item to the closest lost and found office, such as the lost and found office of the city or municipality. You may also turn to a public transport lost and found office, (such as train stations, airports, bus lines, etc). You can easily find the nearest lost and found office through the online search.

Questions regarding legislation

You want more information regarding legislation regarding lost and found property? Click here to find out more.

You've found something?
You’ve found something?
Lost & Found for Children
OMG! Olli is gone.


Found item

Have you found an item marked with an easyfind code? Please enter the code here to automatically notify the owner: